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MB Bioremediation™ delivers live microorganisms to the food source for consuming common petroleum-based products.

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MB Bioremediation™ is a patented dry product that remediates hydrocarbon-based contaminated situations. 

Gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, motor oil, solvents, alcohols, kerosene, methylene chloride, methanol, glycols, crude oil, waste oil, oily sludge, BTEX, AFFF waste, pipeline condensate, acrylonitrile, MTBE, cresol, toluene, oil-based paints, inks, paint thinner

MB Bioremediation consumes the following products:

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Watch a video of MB Bioremediation in action. Witness the ease of mixing it in soil-remediation projects as well other applications and its critical use in emergency remediation applications.

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